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          Yuefeng valve has obtained the national manufacturing license for special equipment products


          Recently, Yuefeng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal and review of the national special equipment product manufacturing license (TS certification) and obtained the license requirements of level A2, which not only promoted the standardized production of the enterprise to a higher level, but also laid a foundation for accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise to high-end.

          It is understood that the special equipment manufacturing license, namely TS certification, refers to the management behavior of the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine to supervise and inspect the production (including design, manufacturing, installation, transformation, maintenance and other projects), use, inspection and testing related units of special equipment, give employment licenses to qualified units and grant the use of TS certification marks. Since then, in the field of special equipment, if each manufacturing, use and testing unit fails to obtain TS certification within the specified time limit, the state will not allow it to enter the relevant fields of special equipment to carry out economic activities.

          Yuefeng's four products have passed TS certification, which fully proves the strength of the company in ensuring product quality, reliability and stability, and has been recognized by the state. In recent years, the company has continuously invested funds, established perfect technical equipment and testing equipment, and carried out quality tracking control over the whole process of product production in strict accordance with national standards, which not only ensures the quality of products, but also improves the popularity of "Yuefeng" brand, which has laid a solid foundation for expanding the domestic and foreign markets of large countries in the future.