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          Characteristics and advantages of fixed ball valve


          Features of fixed ball valve:

          1. Double blocking and discharge function: the fixed ball valve adopts spring preloaded floating valve seat. No matter whether the valve is fully open or fully closed, the valve seat on the upstream and downstream sides blocks the fluid, and the residue in the cavity of the valve body is discharged through the discharge valve.

          2. Automatic pressure relief function: in case of abnormal pressure rise caused by the temperature rise of the staying medium in the valve body cavity, it does not need to pass through the safety valve, but can automatically relieve the pressure only by the valve seat function, which is very important to ensure the safety of the valve when transporting liquid medium.

          3. Fire safety structure: all valves have fire safety function, and their design and manufacture comply with the requirements of api607 and api6fa specifications. Picture of fixed ball valve structure diagram of fixed ball valve picture of fixed ball valve.

          Advantages of fixed ball valve:

          1. Sealing emergency grease injection rescue: due to the accidental failure of the valve seat seal caused by foreign matters in the medium or fire, the grease injection valve provides a fast connection with the grease injection gun, which can easily and quickly inject the sealing grease into the sealing part of the valve seat to alleviate the leakage.

          2. Reliable valve stem seal and low operating torque: in addition to the standard sealing ring, the packing gland is also provided with "O" type sealing ring, and the double seal ensures the reliability of valve stem seal; Additional graphite packing and sealing grease injection minimize valve stem leakage after fire. The valve stem sliding bearing and thrust bearing make the valve easy to operate.

          3. Full bore or reduced bore: full bore or reduced bore structure can be selected as required. The flow aperture of the full bore valve is consistent with the inner diameter of the pipeline, which is convenient for pipeline cleaning.

          4. Valve stem can be lengthened: the valve stem can be lengthened according to the needs of installation or operation. The extended rod ball valve is especially suitable for urban gas and other occasions where buried pipelines are required. The size of the extended valve stem shall be determined according to the customer's needs.

          5. Flexible operation: the valve seat and stem bearing with small friction coefficient and good self lubrication are adopted to greatly reduce the operating torque of the valve. Therefore, the valve can be operated flexibly for a long time even without providing sealing grease.